Waking up vs getting up

February 4


(Side note. How is it February already?)

I rarely have trouble waking up. I can open my eyes and be ready to face the day pretty easily. It’s the getting up, the physically getting out of those cozy warm covers into the cold dark that’s harder. Part of what I love about weekends is the ability to stay in bed until I feel like getting out (pretty much anyway), snuggled in and reveling in the delicious luxury of time and space.

My preferred wake up time generally is 6. 5 or 5:30 works too, depending on when I’ve gone to bed. These days, with Insanity Max:30 being the grunt-inducing sweatfest that it is, my workout does NOT happen first thing; instead my morning bliss time is spent writing this blog, or posting on various social media sites, or even getting a few other items ticked off my list. My get-out-of-bed time, though . . .

People have recommended a few things. “Set a crazy alarm.” “Put the phone across the room so you have to get up to get it.” “Set 5 alarms all within 2 minutes of each other.”

I came across an app the other day that’s intriguing, though it’s not yet on my phone. Called “I can’t wake up”, the premise is that you set the alarm along with one of some series of tasks that actually force you to get your brain moving. It might be a math problem. A jar of “water” that you have to fill up by shaking the phone really hard. A bar code that you scan on some item across the room (or across the house). Once you’ve completed the task, only then does the alarm stop sounding.

If I didn’t live by myself, or if my morning hours were closer to Jeremy’s, I think this would be a winner. Get yourself active right away and your day has begun!

Anyone else have no trouble waking up but struggle with the getting out of bed part?

I’d love to hear from you! Comment below, find me on Facebook, follow me on YouTube. Together we’ll make mornings more productive!

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