The luck fairy doesn’t really exist

January 26

It’s a cold rainy Monday morning, where the weather forecasts of possible snow turned last night into an emotion-fest more akin to Christmas eve than a normal Sunday night. I’m almost as bad as the kids, checking my phone every few minutes and hoping it will ring to tell us about a delay or a closing. I don’t think it will happen, though; it’s 6:05 and so far the only sound is the sound of rain hitting the window.

But I digress.

“You’re so lucky,” someone will say. They’re not talking about where I was born, or the color of my skin. both of which open more doors for me than many people around the world even know exist. No, they’re talking about an opportunity that’s come my way, or a comment made about our 2 extended sailing trips.

I’m a little tired of the word “luck”. Luck ought to be reserved for those things we have no control over (and they do exist, make no mistake about it), not the things we work for.

Someone getting a sweet promotion or even a decent job in the first place? That’s hard work at play there, from work in school or work maintaining relationships or work in the workplace. Getting into a top notch college? Sacrifice for sure, of sleep or social life or family time.

The way we use the word “luck” is more in response to driven focus and an opportunity found and seized, not about some behind-the-scenes fairy waving a magic wand.

I’m working consciously on responding with “Wow! Nice work!” when I hear of someone’s opportunity. I’m also working hard on creating what someone else might see as “luck.”

Now if only that phone would ring. Because a snow day is nothing more than luck.

Want to find ways to focus and create your own “luck”? I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment here, or connect with me on Facebook or YouTube. Let’s work together to reach the skies!

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