Personal Development

January 16, 2015. (posting on January 20)

Day 16 of the Chalene Johnson 30 day Challenge program. So far this year I’ve thought about different areas of my life, set goals for each, and decided on a Push goal. I’m learning about CRMs and autoresponders, creating mobile responsive newsletters and landing pages. The learning curve is steep steep steep, but there was a deep satisfaction when I typed in a web address and up popped a landing page. Thank goodness my husband is a computer genius!

What is this program anyway? Part of the world of Beachbody is the understanding, if not requirement, that you spend part of your day working on bettering yourself. It’s called personal development, and when I first heard about it I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. Isn’t that the tucked-in-the-back-of-the-bookstore, asked for in furtive quiet voice – the self-help section. Isn’t personal development for losers? For people who are grasping for straws?

I no longer think this. I’m a proud junkie of this kind of book. Program. Audio course or podcast. What better way to spend my reading (or driving – yay podcasts!) time than in learning about ways to be more effective? I’ve read books about how to be a better salesperson, about being positive. Brene Brown and her work on vulnerability, Simon SInek and his work on the power of WHY. I read books on organization, willpower, leadership, focus. I listen to people speak about reaching others, sharing your message. Getting things done. Along the way I am repeatedly bathed in positivity, making it easier for me to be a positive force for myself and others. If this addiction makes me a loser, then so be it.

Chalene Johnson, perhaps more commonly known for her fitness programs, is one of my favorites. She has a podcast that comes out on her own schedule, many many online academies, a NYT bestselling book PUSH, and a 30 day free online course that’s based on the book. It’s this one that I’m just over halfway on.

Her program is designed to teach goal setting and organization. She’s got tips and tricks in there about setting priorities, to do lists, delegating work, and many many more. Each day a new video comes to your inbox, a 5-10 minute clip with the day’s assignment and an invitation to type in your responses below. I’ve gone through the full 30 days at least once before, maybe 2 years ago, and have started and stopped a couple of other times.

This year I’m on fire. The work I’ve been doing for the past year getting my brain into good shape to believe in the goals I’ve set, plus this free program to keep me organized, plus a fabulous accountability partner and a life coach? Boom. Jump on for the ride, my friends. This year is going to be fabulous!

Some of my favorite personal development authors:
Brene Brown Simon Sinek John Maxwell Darren Hardy Chalene Johnson
Brian Tracy Brendan Burchard Jon Acuff Dave Ramsay Diana Nyad Jeff Olson

Want more positivity in your life? I’d love to connect with you. Leave me a message here, find me on Facebook, follow me on YouTube. The two of us together will make a powerful team.

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4 Responses to Personal Development

  1. Pushing ourselves to grow and adapt to new things is a good idea at any age. Off to look at the 30 day program.

  2. Dawn says:

    We must be on the same page… I was just watching Brene Brown videos today 🙂 Love seeing you in this setting too!

  3. fit2sail says:

    Thanks, Walker. I’m loving this learning!!!

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