SLEEP! (the 2015 version, anyway.)

IMG_0267 (everyone sleeps)

January 13

Sleep. 9 hours. 8 hours. 7. 6543. It’s so easy to get caught in the “ooh I never sleep” trap, and somehow it has become a badge of honor in this nutty American culture of ours to brag about not needing much sleep.

BS.IMG_0318 (everyone sleeps)

Excuse my language, but we need sleep. Our bodies use sleep to recharge. To process. To rejuvenate and rest and just chill out. To push those benefits to the side just to be able to brag about how productive you are? Not so beneficial.

There are a zillion resources out there on this. Mythbusters did a show that showed that driving tired is as bad as driving drunk. Forbes magazine (that bastion of hippy frou frou) has published a piece or two on the importance of sleep. The Huffington Post runs a regular column (and other pieces as well), and Fox (and maybe others) routinely has a sleep expert on their news.

IMG_4766(everyone sleeps!)

Why am I posting this today?

This morning, my alarm went off at 4:55 as per usual. Only this morning, I got up and changed it to 5:45. Yes, I still have a workout to do (and I totally do a better job if I get it in first thing), but last night I did not get into bed until after 10. It was 10:30 before I turned out the light. And that’s just plain not enough sleep for me.

2015 goal – in bed by 9 pm, with lights out no later than 10. If I don’t get that done, then I can’t get up at 5 to get all sweaty.

Besides. If I do an Insanity Max:30 workout later in the day, I can be as loud and as poundy as I want – there’s nobody else’s sleep pattern to disrupt.

I’d love to help you learn to prioritize your sleep. Email me, leave a comment, find me on Facebook or on YouTube. No more tired driving!

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