Sunday Monday. Or Sunday Funday. Or Sunday putter day. You decide!

January 12

The weekend was a plug and chug one. I had a blast on Saturday, starting with a gathering of local Beachbody coaches at a quarterly event where we share stories, learn about new offerings from the company and hear training, and get inspired about this amazing company we are a part of. Gives me chills to know that the work we do truly changes lives.IMG_7788 (pic from Super Saturday last October.)

This uplifting morning continued into the afternoon, when I had the privilege of participating in a health and wellness fair at our local Whole Foods. This store in Charlottesville is an absolutely amazing community member, not that I think corporations are people in any way shape or form. But Whole Foods here works to support the community. I know when I went in asking if I could film for Tasty Thursday, thinking the answer would be ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was very pleasantly surprised by “yes.” (after they checked out the channel to see if I was legit. Fair enough.) They routinely offer fundraising for local non-profits, and they are extremely generous when approached by said non-profits about donations. On Saturday this weekend, they had a “fair” with local providers of health and wellness offerings scattered throughout the store. IMG_9097 (my display)

There were representatives from local gyms. People who have started healthy food offerings (superfood smoothies, anyone?) in their homes. A cooking demonstration of gluten-free, vegan Indian cooking with fresh-ground spices that smelled so good I had a hard time concentrating on my display. People stopped and talked to me and a couple even tried a few workout moves.

IMG_9099 (me and my display. I was right up front!)

What a fun way to spend a Saturday!

And then on Sunday it was fill in the blanks. Do laundry. Tidy all the “stuff” that migrates around the house. Think about what needs to happen all week. Write thank you notes, and condolence notes.

IMG_9105 (some of the cards I keep on hand)

Package items to be mailed out. Make bread and change the sheets and just DO.

It’s amazing how having that day to just putter makes my whole week more centered. Do you have a day (or an hour) like that?

I want to help you find the small things you can do to center yourself. Contact me by leaving me a message here, connect with me on Facebook, or find my YouTube channel. Together we can start every week RIGHT!

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