Friday Fight

January 9


The workout this morning was called Friday Fight (round 1), and in the preamble Shaun T talks about the fight between your body and your mind. Basic point? Your body will want to give out but your mind thinks you can keep going, or the other way around – and the challenge is to get the 2 working in sync.

The structure of this particular workout is slightly different than the rest of them so far. Instead of 20 or 30 seconds of work and then either a “rest” or a switch to a different exercise, this is one solid minute of the same exercise, then immediately switching to the next one. You do get water breaks, but only 2 of them in this workout (as opposed to one every 5 minutes).

A minute is a really long time. Just in case you were wondering.

I can’t say that I did a fabulous job with my fighting. I was looking at the clock and deciding how long I was going to go before I got there (although my first decision said “8 minutes!” and I made it to 11:26) as opposed to going all out until I basically collapsed, which is the general idea. I caught myself twice, once during the tricep dips and once during the plank punches, and made myself go 2 or 3 reps longer than I initially wanted to.

But it made me think. So much of life is like this – a struggle between our minds and something else. I know I felt victorious when I did ONE MORE REP after thinking I needed to stop – my body beat out my brain, and my brain will know next time.

Isn’t that what we need to do to succeed and to grow? To try things we initially think we cannot do, make them work, and then have a new baseline? We are so good at doing that work when we’re kids – think about learning to walk, for instance, or learning to ride a bike. Somehow, somewhere along the line, we lose it. That sense of daring-which-isn’t-daring-except-to-outsiders.

Maybe it’s because kids never think they can’t do something. The world is POSSIBLE to them.

It’s possible to us too. We just need to push beyond what we think we can do, prove we can do the next level up, and keep reaching.

Happy Friday!

I want to help you with your fight. Contact me by leaving me a message here, connect with me on Facebook, or find my YouTube channel. Together we can reach the stars!

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