January 6

I’ve fallen in love with my planner. As much as I try to go to an electronic system, as much sense as it makes in this world of waste and STUFF, I find I need the reinforcement of pen to paper (and yes, I am very particular about the kind of pen I like. Pilot G-2 gel pen, in blue ink. Fine point or medium point is less critical, though I prefer the fine point. And do people in your house take your pens too? I digress.)

This is my planner, which you can find at IMG_8256

What do I like about it?

  • I can tell what day to start the week on.
  • Each day has a complete page, plus a spillover page to doodle or make notes.
  • I get to create my schedule. No 15 minute blocks. Just a blank spot called “water cup.”
  • There is a place at the start of every week to BRAIN DUMP, with a reminder that some of this can be delegated and a space to write down that delegation. IMG_8268
  • There is a spot for FROGS (things that HAVE to be done each day, or at least if you get them done you will feel accomplished and victorious.) Three of these.
  • There is a spot for SHIPS, things that you send out into the world not quite knowing whether they will come back, and if they do what they will bring. I can directly attribute my TedX Open Mic talk last October to this section of this planner.
  • There is a reminder on every day to SAVOR something. Talk about a reminder to be grateful! In my planner!!!

planner pic

I’ve been using this for about 4 months now, and I’d say my success rate is close to 90% in terms of using it. That’s a whole lot more consistent than I’ve been with any planner before.

So what’s new? This year, all 6 days of it, I’ve gone to writing down the next day’s Brain Dump, Frogs, Ships, and Water Cup (that would be To Do list, “GOTTA GET DONEs”, “Oooh reach for the moons”, and schedule) at night, before I go to bed. This helps in so many ways, not the least of which it means I have only to look at my list when I get myself going in the morning, instead of working to gear up to think about it all.

Plus it means I have dumped all the “Man, you better remember THAT” onto paper before I go to bed, which means (so far) fewer sit-bolt-upright-in-bed moments. (and if those come? I’ve got my planner next to me, with a pen, to write them down!)

Preparation. Those few minutes the night before mean less hassle and worry in the morning and more peace of mind in the evening.

I’d love to help you with preparation, planning, and execution. Leave a comment below, get in touch with me on Facebook (Badass Chronicles), or subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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