Starting Over

January 5

IMG_9006(attic before)

Not sure what it is about this time of year, but it feels like it’s time to start over. Like a mega Monday of sorts, if that makes any sense, but without any of the dread. I’m so jazzed about all the possibilities I can hardly stand it.

I don’t make resolutions, but I do set goals. Goals like “workout 6 days a week” and “drink 2 glasses of water for every cup of coffee.” Goals like “clean the garage” and “redo the floors upstairs.” These are pretty big, overarching goals. Elephant goals. I need something smaller to bite off to make those doable.

We’ve been decluttering like mad. If the house were a boat, we’d be floating a whole lot higher on our lines right now. The attic is organized. Whole car loads have gone to Goodwill and the SPCA. Jeremy is discovering the eye-opening potential of Craigslist. There’s more to do, of course – the garage is deep in the throes of declutter, the stage where it looks tornadoed and hopeless. We are having to pace the garbage thing (maybe we need to look into a dumpster, seriously) and even the kids are getting into the act.

The thing is with any of this stuff, with starting over and decluttering and working out and eating right, though? The reason it is so easy to be excited on January 1 and poop out by January 10?

If you think of this as a whole huge “gotta do it forever” thing, it gets overwhelming. Saying you’re going to clean the entire garage is daunting. Doing one shelf at a time? Less daunting. Working out for an entire year? Holy mackerel that’s 365 days. But can you work out TODAY? Can you do 5 minutes? Can you drink a glass of water RIGHT NOW?

I am all about starting over in January. I’m also all about starting with what you can do RIGHT NOW, and celebrating.

The attic is done. Some garage shelves are done. I’m on glass #4 of water for the day (and have had only one cup of coffee). I got in my workouts today.

Badass. It’s about the small things. Small decisions, small choices. Small celebrations.

Attic after (attic after. And those chairs are being recaned this week.)

I’d love to help you with your choices, decisions, and celebrations. Email me, leave a comment, find me on Facebook (Badass Chronicles). Together we can do anything in the world.

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