Balance. Or kitchen organization. You decide.

Funny that the video this week is about kitchen organization, because much of my humming-away-in-the-background mental energy has been working on balance. And to me, kitchen organization is very much about balance.

Do you store items close to the dishwasher, making it easy to put away? Or do you store things close to where you use them? What do you do with cherished but seldom-used items?

Only you can decide, of course. It is your kitchen, after all!

A few things to consider:

1)   Store items close to where you will use them. A cabinet close to the stove is a great place for pots and pans. I have all my dishes in the cabinet closest to the dining room.

2)   Store like items with like items. Having all the baking items (bowls, mixer, spices, flour) in one general area means you can easily find everything without opening endless cabinets. I keep all my coffee stuff, mugs and all, in one corner cabinet close to the stove.

3)   Every kitchen has a cabinet or two that is less convenient or practical than the rest. This might be the back corner or the tallest shelf. Use these areas for seldom-used items (the turkey v-rack, for example) so you’re not getting frustrated on a regular basis.

4)   Store items so other people can help you easily, without getting in the way. This might be more critical if you have small children who want to help, or if you entertain family and friends a lot. I keep general dinnerware (silverware, plates, cups, napkins) in an end cabinet that is closest to the dining room – people can set the table while I am working in the main kitchen space.

You might not have the cabinet space to do all of these, and you might not want to anyway. But an organized kitchen, even if you are the only one for whom that organization makes sense, is one that will help you feel balanced as a cook.

It’s the small things that make you feel balanced. And badass. Always badass.

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  1. Kristin KH says:

    I’m loving your blog Nica! So glad we got to chat so I could check it out! I’m behind on some. Posts tonight so I’m cutting myself off before I can check out your videos, but I loved everything all the way back to the salads in a jar. I’ll be back to read more soon!

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