Little things

I’m all about the small things. It’s remembering they matter that sometimes stumps me.

Society has swung pretty far to the “let’s throw a huge party when a kid learns how to use the potty” side of recognition, I will admit. I’m not a proponent of that – how will you learn to be proud of your own accomplishments if every time you do anything someone hands you a medal?

But neglecting to recognize when you do something good is swinging too far the other way. I’m not talking about someone else here – working for someone else to give us props isn’t a good thing, IMO. Nope, what I mean is celebrating the small things that make us better.

So rather than beating myself up that the laundry isn’t all done and dinner isn’t made, I’m choosing to be proud of the fact that this morning my children had breakfast before leaving the house. That I have the grocery shopping done and put away. That  I can create something delicious in a few minutes from all the yummy food that is in the house.

I’m choosing to be badass today. Call the caterer and let’s CELEBRATE! (kidding. Kidding!)

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