Small things


Badass. I know I’ve harped on this topic a few times, but as time goes on the definition in my own head is getting clearer and clearer. Time for these blog posts to zero in on that definition.

When I think about life, it’s the little things that stand out. Julian, age 2, proudly announcing himself. “Me Nooie.” Maddie, age 12, sending all-caps emails to a friend, so excited about the book they’re each reading (200 miles apart) that she sometimes is sending five mails in ten minutes. Jeremy, hat firmly on his head and sunglasses on his face, laughing as he dodges huge coral heads with our 28’ sailboat in the Turks and Caicos.

The first time my jeans were too big.

When I finished P90X.

When I make a dinner and there are sighs of appreciation.

Small things, these. They don’t change the world. But they change MY world.

Badass is in the little things. For me, today? Making myself a salad for lunch and eating it while focusing on my posture.


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