Schedule Change

For over a year now, I’ve filmed my Tasty Thursday videos on Wednesday (maybe Tuesday, if I’m really ahead of the game). The editing happens later in the evening; if I’m finished with that whole process by 7 I’m feeling very accomplished.

Starting next week, Tasty Thursday will have a second home. is the local online television station for Charlottesville – kind of like YouTube but with a local angle. All shows have a Charlottesville connection of some kind, whether subject or scenery or geographic origin of the creator/write/producer. I’m really pleased to announce that Tasty Thursday with Nica will air on earless, with our inaugural show next Thursday, January 23.

This feels ridiculously wonderful to me. It’s not like a whole lot of people have (yet) heard of the station, but somehow it legitimizes the work I’ve been doing for over a year. Someone feels that what I’m sharing is worth it. They also want to share it.

The show will still be on YouTube, as well, but I’ve got some tweaks to make with production. There will be a different ending for the show on earless (since there are no subscriptions) and some new lessons to keep in mind (I will learn SO MUCH!) – but the biggest change is that I need to have the show shot and edited and uploaded to my dropbox folder by Tuesday mornings. They need the time to do their magic with it.

So that means production is moved up to Mondays at the latest. And I feel very accomplished, having that video done and uploaded already.

Bring on January 23. Won’t you watch it on earless for me that day?

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2 Responses to Schedule Change

  1. Jen Lucas says:

    You bet I’ll be watching!

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