Sunday musings


Someone asked me the other day what I was doing, because I am so energized and driven (and getting results) in my business life right now. As with many things, when you’re in a groove and doing stuff, you don’t think a whole lot about it – you just DO. Kind of like walking and running – you don’t consciously think, “Gee, I’ll put one foot in front of the other.” You just walk.

Being asked to explain (by two or three people) made me think about it. And my answer feels absolutely spot on.

I’ve been struggling for a while with the “should.” Running your Beachbody business on Facebook? Then you “should” only post once every five posts about Beachbody. Time it so it’s in the evening. Never mention that you’re a coach or people will think you’re trying to sell them something. You should be on Pinterest, and Linked In, and Instagram and Twitter and a like page on Facebook and your regular wall on Facebook and three zillion other social media places I haven’t even figured out about yet.

In the past two months, I’ve gotten a couple of messages from people that read something like this: “Hey! Cool! I thought you’d like to know I purchased T25 (or P90X or whatever)! Thanks to your posts I’m excited about this new exercise thing.” Great, is my response. I don’t see you in my back office . . . when did you purchase? “I ordered from Amazon! I can get it from you?”

Really? I’ve been that subtle that people who interact with me almost daily have NO IDEA that part of my business is in being the resource for the programs and shakes?

I’m done with the “shoulds.” Like parenting, when you read every single book you can get your hands on and tear your hair out trying to do every thing you read about (often contradictory) and finally decide “Hell with it. I’m doing it my way.”

Pretty much that’s where I am. I’m doing it my way. Yes, I’m learning the basics, and taking in as much of the incredible wealth of information available to me – but I’m digesting it and turning it into what works for ME. What resonates with ME.

I’m trying to be the best ME I can be. Not someone else. Me.

Feels pretty badass.

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