Brr it’s COLD!

Low last night was supposed to hit negative something or other. It was a fat 0 degrees at 7:30 am here. So cold there was a 2 hour delay called for school, due to the fact that buses wouldn’t start in the cold (though why they’d be able to start 2 hours later is a little beyond me – the temps were projected to rise by a blistering 2 degrees, still cold enough to freeze your nostrils.)

This morning I’m sitting in a sunlit room, with dogs and the cat sprawled in warm sunlight. The wind that bit so deeply last night is down. The kids did, indeed, make it to school. I am thankful for so many things, but warmth and shelter and peace and quiet and time to think are among them, particularly this morning.

Despite the temperature (which should never be seen in this part of Central Virginia, thank you very much), then, I am not cold at all. I’m warm beyond belief.

Badass is realizing your good fortune and even saying it out loud. Hope everyone is warm today, whatever the thermometer says.


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