Back pain

I threw my back out yesterday, picking up a bar of soap in the shower. I bent down and heard it crack.

Really? In the shower? How could that be? I work out. I exercise, moving my body to sweat and be strong and feel amazing. I threw my back out trying to get CLEAN?

Google to the knowledge rescue. That I type in “threw my . . . ” and “Back out” is what pops up tells me something off the bat. Reading further, I realize that this is common, most likely a result of twisting the wrong way as I bent down PLUS the fact that I’m getting older.

Yes, I’m getting older. Generally a good thing, IMO – I’m so far not one of those people running and screaming from the march of time. But this aspect I can do without.

I have things to do, people. Food to cook. Workouts to do. Laundry to fold, and lug, and put away. There’s packing to be done. I don’t have TIME for a back that makes me plan out every move!

Perhaps I need to look at this differently, she says over a cup of coffee. Perhaps this is a message to slow down, to savor the moments (yes, even of laundry-folding.) Last night when I was blissed out against a heating pad and needed to get laundry upstairs, I asked the kids to help me. I requested assistance on moving a heavy pot of soup to the fridge.

I felt a little silly asking, yes. Gratified when the response was a cheerful “yes.” Less stressed out because of both of those things.

This morning, my back is better, though I can feel it tweaking on the edges. I’ll take it as easy as I can, planning my moves during the day. I’ll get in a good stretch later on.

And I’ll be thankful it’s not as bad today. Being a badass is easier when I’m not in pain!

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