Tasty Thursday GADGETS!


Tasty Thursday!

One of these days I will do a video on setting up a kitchen for ease of use, and one on how to set up your first kitchen – what you need as a bare set of basics. For now, though, and seeing as how it’s the holiday season for many, today’s video is on my favorite kitchen gadgets – small non-electronic utensils that actually make my life easier as a cook. What are your favorite such gadgets?

Pretty much everything is available on Amazon.com (these days what isn’t?) but the first place I’d check for many of these is my local hardware store or local kitchen store. Bed Bath and Beyond often has lesser versions of these, so be careful shopping there.

  1. Susi/zyliss garlic press (Bed Bath and Beyond)
  2. Generic citrus reamer (local hardware store or kitchen store)
  3. Silvermark kitchen shears
  4. Oxo locking tongs (local kitchen store)
  5. Microplane zester/grater (local kitchen store or BBB)
  6. Wusthof knife sharpener
  7. Le Creuset heat-proof spatula (local kitchen store)

These all help me cook like a badass. You?

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