(Beta Core Cardio, mostly nailed.)

I haven’t worked out since last Wednesday morning (which makes me cringe when I write it like that. It sounds impossibly long.) All excuses aside, it’s probably not a bad thing every now and then to give myself a break, although the food intake was not exactly the cleanest it could have been. And with Thanksgiving coming up too. Sigh.

It was tough today. We have guests who are sleeping in the downstairs room, and no matter what they say, I don’t think it’s nice for me to start jumping around and grunting at 5:30 am about 20 feet from where they are. Instead of jumping out of bed and into workout clothes, I jumped out of bed and into the shower, bypassing my normal “check off two items from my list by 6:30 am” life.

So it’s 5 pm and I’m getting to those now. Does it really matter?

I’m rusty at the flexibility thing. Time to get out the polish and de-rust my life. When can I get my workouts in? Definitely before noon, has to be my goal this week.

Polishing. It’s not just for silver . . .


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