Listening to your body

This might be a cop out. I’ll fully admit that right here, but my firm belief is that if I were to call it a cop out, it would be because of some “expectation” by “society.”

I’m on day 2 of no morning workout. Me, of the wake-up-early-and-sweat-to-start-my-day variety, admitting online that for the second day in a row, the cozy sheets and horizontal position have won.

No alarm going off and snooze button hitting. I’ve decided the night before, in both cases, that what I need is sleep. My brain feels like it’s on overload, and when my head hits the pillow at more like 11 or 12 than 9:30, well, let’s just say I need more sleep than that.

The thing is, our bodies are complex organisms. How “healthy” we are depends on far more than how much we can bench press. It’s water intake, and what we eat (and how much.) It’s how much we exercise, to a point. It’s our friends, and our hygiene, and our mental acuity. It’s the stuff we put into our brains as well as our mouths.

And it’s sleep. You want small things to make a difference in your weight, in how you feel about yourself? Start with getting more sleep and drinking more water.

Badass me, rolling out of bed at 6:30 and straight to a shower. I needed it today, no apologies.


Besides, I have to be up late for a couple of nights – Julian is in his first high school production!


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