Saying NO

I’m working on saying “no.” No to things I feel guilty about not doing. No to things someone else wants me to do but aren’t high on my priority list. No when I look at my schedule and realize I can’t, actually, get something done I thought I could – and I never really wanted to do it in the first place.

Saying NO to those kinds of things means I can say YES to others, of course – it’s not like I wind up with endless amounts of free time.

This morning, though, I had to say yes when I really really wanted to say no. The person asking wasn’t a person – it was our dog. I was in the middle of my workout and she wanted to go out. And in. And out again. And in.

Three times in twenty minutes.

It’s not like I could say NO to her anyway – if I said no, then someone else would have been woken up by her barking to come let her out.

So maybe I’ll frame it that I said YES to their sleeping, while I said YES to her request.

I still got my sweat in, just maybe not as non-stop as I’d have liked.

Still badass.

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