I’ve been working on food stuff this morning, making 3 different main courses plus cookies. All vegan, not that this has anything to do with my post. I finally got finished at about noon and sat down to upload video shorts, get more paperwork done, and focus the rest of my afternoon away.

I can’t focus. I’m scattered. I have music playing and keep tapping my foot and singing out loud. I’ve left the bed unmade, the nap untaken, the EIN unapplied for, the accounting undone. Tasty Thursday is a series of disconnected and unedited uploads on iMovie.

Heck, this blog post is about 8 hours later than usual.

This morning, the dog (Sadie, who is 15 and a half) had to go out or in FOUR times during a 25 minute span. Talk about scattered – it took me 40 minutes to do a 25 minute workout, despite the fact that the workout is called FOCUS T25.

That scattered has stayed with me through the day. Time to breathe, celebrate what I have indeed finished, and let go of the rest.

Not feeling very badass today.

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