I posted these pics of my progress to date on Facebook the other day, which engendered an interesting discussion among people who don’t normally engage with my posts other than a “like.” There were the “WOW” and “you’re so brave” comments (probably because those first pics are in my underwear), but then we got into the meat of the whole thing.

Someone said “Hard work pays off.”

My response? “Consistency and forgiveness – one day at a time.”

Yes, forgiveness. We are so quick as a culture, as a gender (do guys do this too?) to beat ourselves up if we “fail.” If we fall off the track we’re carving out for ourselves. If we somehow show a weakness. It is my strong belief that if we don’t forgive ourselves or learn from those lapses, we’ll never stick to it. So you ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch one night. Or at a whole loaded pizza. So you didn’t get your sweat on for a week (or a day). Whoops. We all do it.


It’s kind of like riding a bike, or the proverbial riding a horse. When you fall off, you get right back on.

When you learned to walk, I bet you fell a bunch of times. Did that make you say “Uh oh, can’t do it. Better quit now. I’m such a loser because I’m not perfect.” Nope, and nobody else said it too.

Exercise and eating right, adjusting your lifestyle to have those be a part of your life? It takes work, and trial and success and frustration and setbacks. And it takes forgiveness. Not forgetting – you want to learn from it. Why did you eat that? What made it hard to work out? How can you change those things?

It’s badass to be nice to yourself. And I don’t mean “get an ice cream” nice.


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