Small Rant

diabetesheartdiseaserunningTrying to come up with a cute one-word title for this post, I ran smack up against convention. Offend, offensive, offending – who would want to read a post that starts with that? (or maybe you’re the kind of person who would read it, just because.) I’m not sure I’d want to write a blog that starts with that . . .

I just opened up Facebook and saw a post from a friend. It was one of those old-fashioned picture card ones (hope you know what I mean), with the caption “It’s not that diabetes, heart disease, and obesity run in your family. It’s that nobody runs in your family.” I “liked” it, and then looked at a few of the comments.

So many people cried “FOUL” that the person who posted it had to post an apology. A “no offense intended” apology.

I know as well as the next person that there are people who eat well and exercise and get diabetes. Or heart disease. And that you can have a genetic predisposition to obesity.

But the truth of the matter is that these three things (Type 2 Diabetes, not type 1) are more often than not LIFESTYLE diseases. They are caused (or exacerbated) by simply not taking care of yourself exercise and food wise. All advertising aside, “Lite Poptarts” are not good for you. Neither are Snackwells, or the cute tummy wrap band you see on late night television.

The site the post originated from is called Fooducate, and from the name I’d imagine their mission involves educating people about food. Food can help you and hurt you, period. A lot of people do not know this – a lot of doctors don’t have the time to spend sharing the information with you. Pharmaceuticals are marketed hard. There’s a belief that the “quick fix” is what’s needed.

Life isn’t a quick fix. If you want to reduce the probability that you will suffer from Type 2 diabetes, or heart disease, or obesity?

Get your butt in gear. Go on – feel like a badass today. You are so worth it.

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