This morning I decided two things. One, my 5 am wake up was not necessary, at least not this morning. I could snatch an extra hour of sleep and my day wouldn’t be much different at all. This workout I’m doing now, T25, is 25 minutes long (okay, 28 if you count the cool down). I have time for the rest of my life without waking up at 5. When I start doing P90X again, then my alarm will sound at that early hour. For now, though? 6 am. Decision made.

My other call today? To do a workout from the earlier round of T25. I chose Speed 2.0 over Speed 3.0. My shoulders are not in the best shape, and Speed 3.0 might as well be nicknamed “Death by Burpee.” I did double weights yesterday and thought my arms would appreciate the rest.


Does it sound as impressive to say I got up at 6 rather than 5? Or that I chose Speed 2.0 instead of 3.0, even though I’m on the Gamma round? No, it doesn’t. But both of those are what I needed today. And bottom line? I killed my workout, a difficult one by most standards. Does it matter what time it was?

Badass means figuring it out for you, not for everyone else.


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