(Picture has nothing to do with the post. I just liked it.)

I used to think that in order to excel at anything, pretty much, I needed to work on the things I was bad at. Bad at math? In order to get into a good college, work on math. Pay no attention to the fact that you’re good at English, or really get jazzed about history. Take those strengths for granted – spend time on the other stuff.

Lately, though, I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of work that suggests completely discounts this.

Weaknesses (and we all have them) are good to be aware of. We might be terrible at something we love – and in that case, work away. But the time we spend focusing on the things we are good at (our strengths, if you will) – that time will pay us back in spades. I could spend hours working on calculus (that math example? That was from personal experience.) and never be really good at it. Yep, I’ll likely improve (hard not to.) But if I spent the same amount of time working on my writing? Watch out, NYT bestseller list (kidding. Kind of.)

And when I think of it, it makes sense. It’s not saying “never do the stuff you stink at.” Instead, it’s a realization that you ARE good at certain things, and you like doing those things. The world will be a better place when you spend time and energy getting even better at that stuff.

Go on, be a badass. Spend some time today getting just a little bit BETTER at something you’re already good at.

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