Don’t go getting all kinds of ideas about this post. I’m not pontificating on major life decisions here, or getting political either. There’s enough of that in the news these days.

Nope, today is about picking out what to wear.

Ever had a day where you just feel blah? Like nothing is going particularly well, or where the clothes you loved three days ago just make you feel UGH and not your best? Stop! Don’t pull out the sweatpants and feel sorry for yourself all day!

Well, maybe. Sometimes that’s the best strategy, particularly when you’re feeling sick.

I had a day like that yesterday. I’m not a clothes horse. My closet is filled with items that I bought ten years ago. Yesterday I could not find anything I wanted to wear. The jeans felt yucky. The top I picked out first made my hips look huge. The sweater I picked after that just sagged. The final combination of a t-shirt and long sweater-jacket-thing (I have no idea what to call it) made me look like I’d spent the year under a rock, washed out and exhausted.

So I spent a fair amount of the day feeling washed out and exhausted.

Want to find your inner badass today? Wear something that makes you feel FABULOUS. You’ll walk taller. And people will notice.


PS. This is my outfit for the day. I love it.Image

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