Spring break’s new definition – a BREAK from SPRING.

April 5, 2013

ImageToday is sunshiny and warm, with the grass standing straight up and almost begging for a haircut. The red buds on the maple tree are tentatively unfurling, peeking out in fear of another snowstorm.

Yes, I said snowstorm. It’s April, people. In Central Virginia, where by this time of year I’ve usually stashed my clogs in favor of Crocs for the duration. Not in 2013. Sweaters are still front and center in my closet; I’m still wearing layers.

Since the official start of spring, March 21, we’ve had more snow than we had the entire winter of 2011-2012. It’s spring break for my kids, albeit the last weekday of spring break, and we decided we needed to escape the winter-masquerading-as-spring that has been Charlottesville.

So we went north. Because Vermont was actually warmer than it was here. And when we came home on Thursday, after a wonderful stop in (still freezing cold) Deerfield, Virginia, it was at least sort of temperate. And then it snowed.

Bring on Spring, please. For real. No more breaks in the action, Mother Nature. Warm up aggressively!

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1 Response to Spring break’s new definition – a BREAK from SPRING.

  1. “Warm up aggressively!” indeed! Check out my recent FB post shared from WxRisk. It’ll make ya smile!

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