Coffee – 4 scoops or 2?


March 28, 2013

Jeremy’s been gone for 4 days, to Houston to help his mom with her taxes. It’s an annual trip, born out of the need to support and sort and just be there after his dad died 7 years ago. We live in Virginia, see her once a year or so. Somehow the distance grew greater after she was alone, that or else it became more apparent. Yes, she could get someone local to help her with the details (and she does), but I think this trip is more about Jeremy being there for his mom in a tangible way than anything financial.

When he’s gone, I make coffee just for me. 2 scoops in the grinder, then the small press. It smells the same, tastes pretty much the same. Maybe I waste less, since I drink it all. I still pour it into the mug he bought me in Santa Fe, a handmade blue swirly color that holds more coffee than I can drink before it gets cold (I hate cold coffee.)

He got home last night.

This morning, I poured 4 scoops of coffee into the grinder and grinned. He’s home.  And the coffee tasted that much better.

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