Branding. It’s not just for cows, apparently.

May 11, 2012

It’s been a busy time lately, although that basic sentiment seems to come out of my mouth so often I wonder why I think it’s news to anyone, especially me.

Marge’s celebration was last weekend. It was a full week of prep, family, food, tears, joy and laughter . . . about 150 people gathered starting at 4 pm on Saturday; when we left the house at 11:30 there were still about 40 people hanging around. Good thing we’d planned on that happening!

Before I left Charlottesville on the train on Tuesday, May 1, I found out I had been selected for a “bootcamp” for Beachbody coaches. This 30 day program is run by one of the top coaches out there, Christine Dywer; over 250 people applied for the 50 spots she opened up. Not sure why I made the cut, but I did. I’ve been doing my daily homework, making my contacts and trying to get over my Twitter fear. Maybe if I tweet often enough, I’ll figure out exactly what the point is. For now, I’m just doing it. I prefer Facebook, with space for comments and likes and a “dialogue”.

I’m stuck, though, on one of our first assignments. We were asked to create our email signature, to have it reflect our brand. I have a signature, filled with more links and alphabet soup than you can imagine. Doesn’t that count?

Brand? I’m not Nike, or Kitchen Aid. I’m not Tasty Food, or Fit2Sail. I’m just me, with all my quirks and strange bisecting interests. (seriously, a fitness person who also cooks for people? Great business model. Fatten them up and then sell them the stuff to take it all off. Hah. And where does the writing come in, or the family, or the sailing, or or or . . .)

But maybe, just maybe – that’s the point. My name is Nica Waters. I stand for food, fitness, family, and fun. (anyone who can come up with a “f” for writing, let me know.) I’m  good at listening, and better at cheering you on.

That won’t fit on an iron brand. But I think it might just be me after all.

How the hell am I supposed to come up with THAT email signature?

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1 Response to Branding. It’s not just for cows, apparently.

  1. Think of it as an elevator pitch — how would you sum up what you have to offer in 10 words or less? Sailing, fitness, catering — they all say to me “healthy lifestyle.” “Helping you achieve a full and healthy life.” Actually, I like “Food, fitness, family, and fun.”

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