February 13, 2012

Happy happy birthday to my husband, he of the sly grin and sharp chuckle. There’s nothing in the world he can’t do, and he helps me see that I can do the same. I love you, Jeremy!

It’s 5:45 am on a (finally) cold Monday morning. My calendar says I am supposed to be writing right now, and I promised once that I’d write in here if I was procrastinating doing other writing. This sort of fits that bill. But not really.

At Meeting, when messages all seem linked and people generally appear to be on the same wavelength, we call it a “Covered Meeting.” Honestly, I’m not sure if one person’s “covered” is another person’s “discombobulated,” since I don’t run around asking everyone else if they felt that indescribable magic. And it is magic when it happens. When there are 3 messages (or 1, or 5) that, even though on the surface they have nothing to do with each other, are all tapping into something I’ve been wrestling with, or pondering – that’s shiver-down-your-spine magic, as far as I’m concerned. Makes me believe in something bigger than me, even though I can’t define what that is.

This past week was a great one. I hit a milestone in my business, one I’ve been striving for for a couple of weeks. I nailed another one a day later. I finished P90X, a program I never thought I could even attempt – and I finished it with a bang. On Thursday, my piece was workshopped in class (the piece on Greg Mortensen’s impact on my life, based on an earlier blog post.) Friday, when I delivered food to a client, she had a tale to share about how having the food made her life a bit easier. And Saturday, I went to a Beachbody conference with a  friend.

When you workshop a piece, it means you send it out to people who then read it, make comments on it. The “comments” part happens in class. The author, furiously scribbling notes, sits there like a buzzing fly while people talk about what worked and what didn’t. You do get the chance to ask questions or answer them eventually, but it seriously works best when you are not involved in the discussion from the outset.

A lot of people wanted to know more about the differences I mentioned, since the driving question in Mortensen’s talk, the one that made me change my life so drastically, was something along the lines of “what are you doing to make a difference?”

At first, my own internal response to that is, “I’m home when my kids get home from school.” That was what I wanted to do, after all. And yes, I am. But as I think about it all, I realize there’s a bit of “It’s a Wonderful Life” in how interconnected it all is. The things I now do, the writing, the cooking, the Beachbody coaching – these things are actually touching other people’s lives. They’re making a difference.

Between Thursday’s discussion, Friday’s grateful comment from a Tasty Food client, Saturday’s conference (where the underlying theme of it all was making a difference), and Sunday’s Meeting (where I spent my time thinking about it all), I realized the serendipity-ness of many of my days last week. It’s like the days all together were one big Meeting, and the individual encounters were messages.

My life feels very “covered” right now.

Stay warm!


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