February 2, 2012

It’s misting lightly outside, the kind of mist where the dog doesn’t feel the wet until she comes back in. It’s a great varnish-wiping mist, for those sailors out there. No idea what the day is supposed to be, weather-wise. Yesterday was gorgeous, sunny and about 70 degrees. The crocuses are poking up and the forsythia is going all pre-bud fuzzy. If we ever get real winter weather these poor, poor growing things will be so very confused.

I had a fabulous day yesterday. Just fabulous. And I’ll crow about it for a bit, before something else happens today to burst my bubble. Sometimes it’s good for the soul to revel in the good, ya know?

It started with my workout (Back and Biceps, and Ab Ripper X), where I realized I a) have one more workout that involves pullups and b) one more round of Ab Ripper X.  And it is just so satisfying to fill up one of those workout sheets, to look at what I was lifting 6 or 8 weeks ago versus now. I am almost salivating at what my post-P90X fit test will look like.

Then onto Facebook (really). I started a Challenge yesterday, called “Love Yourself in February” challenge (I know, lame name). There are about 12 people in it, all committed to exercising and eating better. People posted what they did, encouraged and applauded each other. One woman even posted a motivational image for all of us. A couple of people talked about how much they would NOT have worked out except for this group, the nagging reminder that they were supposed to post about their workout today. And that was just AWESOME.

Maddie came home and I was finishing up something. I said, “I’m working.” She said, “On Facebook?” “Yes.” Bizarre but true. I fed her and a buddy cake and milk for a snack and sent them outside to play, since it was like spring.

I sent out a “gauntlet challenge” to 3 buddies. Sent out more challenge invites. Answered 3 emails where people asked me more about the whole workout thing. Had someone respond positively to a request about hosting a fit club. Had an incredible meeting with a woman who is doing P90X and wondering about my results.

And I got some writing done, a draft of a new short fiction piece. Looked over a couple of non-fiction things I’m working on. Got a cover letter written. Critiqued 3 pieces for class today. Cooked dinner, made fresh rolls, had a phone conversation with Marge. Talked to a new client about a last-minute SuperBowl party menu.

I was in bed by 10:30.

Basically I felt on fire with productivity. Not sure if it was the good stuff that fueled the energy to do more good stuff, or if this first day of February was just in the cards to be a great day.

That’s it. No wise words or world-changing insights. Just a happy, feel-good sort of day.

Today . . . not starting out so well. I sent out a contract to a client before realizing it’s an OLD contract version (grr). I didn’t get that sent out in time to get in my workout before the morning crazy starts. It’s raining and the dog showered me with her shakes.

Blow bubbles and don’t let anyone pop them!


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