Welcome to Nica’s world

January 5, 2011

It’s a cold January morning in Central Virginia, cold enough that I put a huge pot of chicken stock (clamped closed in the pressure cooker, thank you) outside to chill overnight. It’s 6 am, just, and the combination of icy Shakeology shake (chocolate with banana and peanut butter, with cinnamon) and hot coffee (Shenandoah Joe, organic Costa Rican) is confusing my toes. Delicious, but my body can’t figure out whether to shiver or spread out.

I’ll play with this blog over time, but I wanted to start by sharing why I’m blogging.

Long story short – I’m a “stay at home mom” (don’t get me started on what THAT means in reality – suffice to say it does not involve soap operas and bonbons) who has an impossible time saying no to anything. I volunteer for 5 different organizations (on the board of one), and ended 2011 with 2 different business ventures going on. Because I have just so much free time, I decided to start 2012 by adding yet another business venture.


I’m a writer (that story comes later) and a personal chef (ditto), and now I’m adding the title “Independent Team Beachbody Coach” to my long list of un-acronymed suffixes.

Again, I’ll go with a “long story short”. I started 2011 almost unable to move, in much pain due to a twinged back nerve. By the time physical therapy kicked in, I was way out of shape. I decided to try a program called “P90” – some of you may be familiar with the late-night informercials for P90X. There was no way I could ever do P90X, no way. 90 days later (with P90 all done), I jumped to another Beachbody program called Chalean Extreme. 120 days of that success let me take the plunge – I started P90X. I’m 7 weeks in, have lost 7 lbs since starting that one, and have never felt better.

I like Beachbody products so much I decided to become a coach, which is a fancy way of saying I’ll help people make decisions on what programs might suit them, support them in their fitness endeavors. If, along the way, you want to buy stuff through my webpage (www.beachbodycoach.com/fit2sail), I’ll make some money on it. I have a FaceBook “like” page, if you want to add that to your list of places to waste time on, too – “Get Fit and Feel Fine”

That’s it in a nutshell. I’ll post what I’m doing, maybe once a week or so (maybe more often if I want to procrastinate on other writing), give you background on me in general. For now, today will be filled with cooking (3 clients today), writing (gotta perfect that cover letter and get the damn thing out the door), and working out (I do believe it’s Stretch X today.)

See you around,


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6 Responses to Welcome to Nica’s world

  1. Walker says:

    I continue to be amazed at everything you take on. I predict that you will love blogging.
    Looking forward to hearing more….

  2. Karl and Pat Scharnitzky (Ishmael) says:

    Congrats, Nica, on this next step in your writer’s journey. We are having a great time in Spain but will be back in the US March and April and will endeavour to see you et all! Till then we follow your work with much anticipation. Love Karl and Pat.

  3. karen nourse says:

    I’m in. Love your photo on the top too. Pretty.

    • fit2sail says:

      And I hate to tell you, Karen, but the photo on the top is the standard from the theme on wordpress . . . looking for one of my own to add. But I like it – it works with my overall idea on the blog too.

      • karen nourse says:

        That’s funny….Yes, please find one to sub in, (thought you lived on an idyllic farm somewhere while raising sheep- and yes, that must be Jeremy in the distance…..). BTW, I dislocated my right shoulder this past May (on Mother’s Day actually) and have experienced the physical therapy magic myself. I found a great orthopedist and PT place and they have put me back together like Jamie in the Bionic Woman. LOVE what this whole thing did for me (besides rendering me unable to write and work on the computer myself for what seemed like the entire summer). Will be curious to see how it all goes so keep writing. Lots of love and hugs, K

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